One of the most popular kitchen appliance in homes, restaurants and food industries is the electric food processor. This machine, which comes in various sizes, contains metal cutting blades that are used for all types of foods. This provides an easy method for slicing, pureeing, kneading and mixing various dough and other food processing. It allows a person to save hours of work during the cooking process.

Food processors came on the scene in 1946 in Germany. Various types were developed through the years but it was in 1973 that the first North America’s domestic food processor came on the scene. This machine immediately became a hit and was especially popular in restaurants where it saved hours of labor required to prepare food properly in large amounts.

Use of commercial food processors are especially popular with industries in everything from meat packing, canneries, food packaging and hundreds of things used commercially and by the average consumer. They allow the preparation of food, in large amounts, quickly and efficiently.

In today’s busy homes, food processors make it possible to prepare food with very little effort. Many people have found it an advantage to prepare meals to be heated later in a microwave or regular oven. This machine is also used in health programs to prepare meals that are needed by those with special food requirements.

Food processors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and prices. This makes it important to decide the following:

  • Size, depending on how often it will be used
  • What is the difference between a high-quality and a low-quality processor, such as guarantees and operations
  • Motor power
  • Number of different discs and blades
  • Type of materials used in its construction
  • What a product’s customer reviews say
  • Size of feed tube
  • Are parts dishwasher safe
  • Is it built heavy enough to remain stationary when in operation

Some processors have extra features that make its use more efficient. For example, one of the problems with some food processors is food sticking to the sides of the bowl. A model with a built-in scraper keeps the bowl clean and avoids having to stop and scrape the sides.

There is no doubt that a food processor is an excellent addition to a kitchen, making it fun to try out different recipes and ideas. The right choice will provide an easy way to prepare food that is not only healthy but delicious as well.