Right from Thermal Printers, Inkjet Printers and Dot Matrix Printers, to Toner-based printers, Solid Ink Printers and Dye Sublimation Printers, there are various printers that one can pick depending upon the resolution of the printed documents required, the number of copies, the amount of ink to be used as well as the option of choosing between a Black and White Printout and Color Printout, or maybe a primarily textual one, one that involves images mostly or a mix of text and images. Given the sheer variety of computer printer options as given above, it wouldn’t be completely wrong to state that the onset of computing technology, has given a further impetus to printing technology as well. But this is largely related to personal and official usage. As far as industrial mass-printing is concerned, the printing press and other large-scale printing equipment still hold ground as the primordial ones.

Early Phase of Computer Printing Innovations

When you trace the story of computers, it goes all the way back to Charles Babbage and his ‘Difference Machine’ was really iconic and phenomenal for its times. Little did Babbage know that his invention would usher in an era of computing that would foster the zenith of technology to an extent that would be extraordinary and unbelievable. Similarly, when we talk of computer printing innovations, the most archaic of these would possibly be the Daisy Wheel Printer, which is completely obsolete now. But when it was invented on the lines of the typewriter in the early twentieth century, it was hailed for its remarkable dexterity and printing quality. It basically involves a daisy wheel-like structure with all alphabets which rotates in high speed. Now when you type a particular letter, an ink ribbon hits the specific letter on the daisy wheel and in turn marks the same impression of the letter on the paper that you have inserted into the printer. So with the high-speed spinning of the wheel and its collaboration with the ink ribbon, the printing is carried out. Of course for the present day, the print quality would be considered very poor and the printing process would be termed as slow. But it was a fantastic beginning for sure!